• Isaiah Carpenter

    Isaiah is an avid sports enthusiast with a passion for a variety of teams. His heart belongs to the Dodgers, Seahawks, and Orlando City, and he never misses a chance to catch their games, cheering them on with unwavering enthusiasm. Whether it's baseball, football, basketball, or soccer, Isaiah's love for sports shines through in his unwavering support for his favorite teams.


    So, three sports-crazed buddies decided to turn their banter into a podcast. Fast forward, two brothers are now running the show, bringing in special guests for a good time. Their TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube clips? Total hits with millions of views. From a chill chat about sports to an all-out online bash, these guys turned their passion into a wild ride that everyone's tuning in for.

  • Micah Carpenter

    Micah is a devoted sports aficionado whose heart beats for the Astros, Steelers, and Nuggets. Whether it's baseball, football, or basketball, you'll find him glued to the screen, passionately rooting for his beloved teams. Micah's enthusiasm for sports knows no bounds, and he's always ready to engage in spirited discussions about his favorite athletes and games.